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Pre-SVN ZDoom source history repository

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Crossposted from the ZDoom forums...

Odamex is based off of an old version of ZDoom; 1.22, with bits of 1.23 backported. Due to the nature of our port, we sometimes need to reference both source trees, and since those versions are pre-SVN you have to download the source manually, which is pretty inconvenient when you're trying to discuss parts of the code (i.e. no way to quickly link someone a particular file/line-number). I originally decided to put those two revisions into a public git repository, but then it occurred to me..why not put all pre-SVN versions of ZDoom into a repository and see what happens.


At this point, I think I can consider it done. It has every version of ZDoom from 1.11 all the way to 2.0.98 (2.0.99 looks like it is SVN r1). I don't recommend forking from this repository, since I might discover something 'wrong' with a revision and end up having to remake part of the history (plus it's old...why would you even bother?). Also, it's worth mentioning that git tracks renamed files based on a heruistic which can be imperfect at times, but it's better than nothing.

Why did I post this here? Well, with this being a period of time in ZDoom history that isn't too well documented, I figure someone might find this interesting.

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