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OuchFace priority

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Have found another bug with Ouchface. After fixing the OuchFace bug, as described in DoomWiki, DoomLegacy still did not display an ouchface.
It is also necessary to include the statement "priority=8;", or else the ouchface will only display for one tic, and then be replaced by another face. The bug fix as published is not adequate.

This is difficult to see and test, as usually the screen turns red about that time. The self-damage ouchface has the priority assignment already, so that one works, it is the other ouchface that is failing.
I had to use printf stmts to verify exactly what was happening.

From examination of prboom, whose ouchface code looks identical to DoomLegacy, they must have the same bug.
I do not know what other ports may have the same bug, those developers would know if they fixed such a thing. The test is getting hit by some monsters missile, but not so bad that the screen turns red. Self-damage invokes different ouchface code that does not have the bug.

Can anyone verify this bug find ??
Should the DoomWiki page be updated with this fix ??

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