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Sound issues in external sources

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Hi everyone

I've got an issue I don't think is just Doom related.
When I try to plug my laptop into my TV (via HDMI) and run Doom (ZDoom/GZDoom) I get no sound playback through my TV at all. I have the same issue when I try to run fraps or a similar program when I try to record Doom action... no sound playback when I'm watching the recorded file.

Has this happened to anyone else at all, and if so (or not) does anyone know a solution for this?

I have a HP Pavillion dv6 running Windows 7, sound is through beats audio. I have no problem with any "internal" programs such as internet and you tube, sound playback is just fine.


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Since the HDMI output uses a digital stream output which is often considered a different sound device, some programs may simply not output to it unless you change some program-specific settings.

E.g. Audacity and Winamp choose their I/O audio devices independently of what the system mixer has as default.

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You should check if they have a setting or an auto-select procedure which selects an audio device at startup, and whether it matches the proper one for HDMI output. As to changing it....well, you'd probably be better served by the ZDoom forums for such a specialized question. Never had to do something like that myself.

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The HDMI seems to be working fine, because I have no problems with anything else except for when I run ZDoom/GZDoom and once when I was playing Secret of Monley Island... thanks anyway, I'll check out the ZDoom forums.

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