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In need of help/advice again.

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Its a bit of a loaded question this time. So I'll break it up in some way that it makes since.

So to drop the ball in one sentence- I plan to work at a guitar shop at some point in the future in the city I live in, wish to take up lutherie as a hobby, and take study to classical stringed instruments as well other stringed instruments, also as a hobby or study.

Breaking it up-

I want to learn as much about many different stringed instruments, their history and usage as possible. Are there any books or any websites that can give me that much information? I tried looking on the web myself, but can only find small info on individual instruments. Is there an almanac of stringed instruments or the like?

I also need to know a lot about different guitar brands. While my information on them is more or less higher than what the average person can gather simply by playing, I think I'll need to know more, such as various advantages, disadvantages, and over all differences in these guitar brands, and the like.

And further more, just over all information on structure and building of these instruments, the wood needed, etc etc.

Thanks in advance to anyone here who does answer.

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If you want to be a great luthier, your eventual goal should be to come up with your own style of guitar. Join up at the Delcamp classical guitar forum and pose this same question in the section for luthiers and I'm sure you'll get some good responses. I'm in there as "sgraham924", and I'm a classical guitarist myself. There is definitely a good career in making classical guitars if that's your thing.


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