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anyone recognise this MIDI?

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The Green Herring said:

That is the Wily Stage 1 / 2 music from Mega Man 2. It's actually one of the more famous musical tracks in console gaming, especially after someone in Japan did an Internet-famous cover of the song using lyrics someone else wrote for it.

Thanks. I've been wondering about it for years. For you or anyone else, I have these:


Sorry about there being so many of them, but this is 14 years worth of playing doom and wondering if they have a name. The MOD was in the zdoom community project wad, so it may be an original piece.

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The link you gave only gives three MIDIs, and no MODs. But that can be easily solved by removing the "<br />" from the middle of the URL. Anyway, I can identify the following:

D_TNDC.mod = "A Tormented & Doomed Comunity" [sic] by Lexus Alyus, which is, yes, an original track composed for The ZDoom Community Map Project. (Simply looking at the file info in a music player that lets you do this would've solved this one immediately.)
TEMP (3).MID = A MIDI of Marilyn Manson's cover of "Sweet Dreams," a song from the 80s by The Eurythmics.
TEMP (4).MID = CHRIS3.MID by Christopher Wilkins, a very old MIDI from 1993.
TEMP (5).MID = "Hidden Anger," a Memento Mori track by Mark Klem... or rather, the early version found in Cringe, his ancient Doom episode (levels, graphics, sounds)
TEMP.MID (the one that's 13KB and doesn't have the "1, 2, 1-2-3-4" tap at the start, since you have multiple files with the same name) = The Star Light Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog... which is another famous video game track.
tntfutr2[1].mid = The music track that plays on TeamTNT's "future" page, although the composer is unknown. (Even TeamTNT admits the page is outdated.)

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