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Proper setup for a TAS speedrun

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So i downloaded prboom+ slowed the game down to 75%, did a level as a test. But when i play back, the mouse is all jumpy (i didnt realise when i was playing it would be THAT noticable) So i was just wondering, what does everyone do to make a TAS? What program, settings. How to make a demo playback fast, because my gameplay looks slow when playing back. I also have no idea how to re-record. If this is already answered somewhere im sorry, i did try to find something but i had no luck.

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Well, if you are jumpy with your mouse, and you don't want to show that in your TASes. You can make BUILT demos by using the program XDRE, which allows you to build a demo Tic-by-Tic. It takes a bit of getting used to, but really, it only takes a few days.

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Set mouse sensitivity to very low, slow game down as much as it's necessary to be precise, but still be able to play. Record a bit, then watch if it looks smooth and fast enough for you, then redo if it's not. Do it by small chunks for better optimization. There are bat-files in prboom-folder that show how segmenting is done i think. I can write a more elaborate post later, kinda busy today.

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