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3 players needed to test 4player-only coop mini-map for 4player-only megahard megawad

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Post your timezone, and hour range availability for Saturdays, and Sundays. The best time on the best day between all players will be chosen.

1 hour of your time is needed:
- 15min for greetings, and latecomers
- 30min for test
- 15min for play, and goodbyes.

This test will be recorded and published live.

Well known named players that sign up are certainly welcomed.

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What do you mean by 'megahard'? Is it genuinely challenging with interesting layouts and surprises, or are we going to be running around inside a big box of an arena, holding down Mouse1 and firing an almost endless stream of BFG shots at a mile-wide legion of things for 15 minutes?

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