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Odamex joypad buttons

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I use odamex to play doom with my gamepad, and I use a weird combination of customized controls with odamex, and xpadder to fillin the buttons odamex doesn't recognize. So today I was trying my gamepad on a different computer and the gamepad didn't install correctly, so I switched it to direct input mode which fixed it, except that it remapped the keys. I made a new xpadder configuration file to accommodate it but odamex seems to default some buttons to certain actions that I can't seen to figure out how to change. For example, on this computer, pressing the start button brings up the in game menu, but for some reason doesn't close it. Pressing a on the controller closes it and resumes gameplay, and pressing b on the controller selects the things on the menu. I'd like to stop this so I can use xpadder to map the buttons to keys, but when I run odamex, this causes some buttons to be pressed twice at the same time, so pressing the start key button while it's mapped to esc will open the in game menu and close it real fast at the same time, and sometimes make it impossible to get out.

I can disable the joystick entirely, but then I would lose the ability to move with left thumb stick. I like having the freedom of being able to move with the thumb stick or the d pad. Is there a way I can disable some of the joy pad button actions but not others? I can't find anything in the customize controls menu field or the .cfg file.

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Right now the menu code always treats the button registered as joystick button 1 the same as enter and the button registered as joystick button 2 as escape. This is certainly an area that needs to be improved. For now the only way to eliminate this binding is to change the code in m_options.cpp and build a new client.

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