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Help w/Redemption Denied, aka me am dumb

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So I've gotten through Absolution and The Outcast Levels, and I've found myself stuck on the sixth level of Redemption Denied. I even got the freaking soul sphere, for crying out loud--but I can't get the blue key!! I think I'm experiencing some kind of glitch, because whenever I bring down the lift in the room with the blue key, I can hear something else either opening or coming down, but it closes/goes back up again before the lift I'm in front of goes back up. What's the story? How do I get the blue key??

I know I need to try EX at some point, and I will--after I beat everything in Absolution. I love the new monsters, HD weapon mod and monster remix...all together they make for a unique experience. So that said, please help?

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