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a question for those with gaming keyboards/macros

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This is half-doom, half-computing, so I put it here. I've seen gaming keyboards around that have extra keys that can be mapped for certain functions. However as far as I know, they can't be set for a series of keypresses. I want some way of being able to press a key, and making it the same as typing iddqd or *bring up console* give -something- *~ again to go back to the game*. I've tried macros on a normal keyboard, but setting them up is, honestly, infuriating and I've had no luck with it. Any suggestions?

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Using a software macro that intercepts keys and replaces them with a bunch of virtual keypresses is the only reasonable way.

There is such software (e.g. this one) but by no means the only one.

Most gamepads today are programmable in that way (e.g. perform a 20-key combo in a fighting game with just the press of one button), even the cheapest generic ones, but there's no hardware keyboard equivalent, not even as a hardcode gamer's product.

It would be needlessly expensive (making EVERY key programmable? With a multi-key memory with precise timings too? Really?) and probably require external software to be easily programmable, in which case why not use a software macro resident program from the start, instead of a custom keyboard.

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You could type this into your console:

bind x "iddqd"
this sets the x key to iddqd.

EDIT: o u ninja post

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I actually just got a Microsoft sidewinder. I can record keypresses with it and bind it to a macro key. I'm pretty sure that's how it works, anyway. There's buttons for recording the macros and keys for up to 18 different macros. I sort of got this keyboard on a whim. Would have been more useful back in my WoW-playing days.

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