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Texture limit in a map and/or wad.

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I need to know--IS THERE A TEXTURE LIMIT that I may patch in?
I just added 115 to an already ~60 custom 128x128s and only a few showed up in the wad it seems...
Used XWE and Doom Builder II

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OH! Back to basics...I think it's nothing more than filenames <<more than 8 characters.

X| X| X|X| X|X|X|
X| X| X| X| X| X|
X| X| X| X| X|X|
X|X| X| X|X| X|
X| X|X|X|
X| X|

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There's an 8 character limit for lump names and XWE uses the first 8 when truncating file names, so you possibly have a bunch of like-named patches. While XWE will obligingly create a texture entry for each duplicate it does at least run a sanity check on the PNAMES list, so you shouldn't find any duplicate entries there.

AFAIK the texture limit's something ridiculously high, like 64k. The largest resource wad I'd put together in XWE (just to prove a point) had over 4900 patches and nearly 6000 textures.

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