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New weird trouble

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Hehe, I'm back in editing so it means my dumb questions are back again ! Now here's the new one : Using XWE, I create script 1 which I compile using XWE with the newest ACC.exe that I putted in the program. It compile ok I check in Wadauthor and there's no problem. I create another script with XWE and do the same thing as the 1st one. I check in Wadauthor and it pops errors that the script doesn't exist. I say wtf and I make a third script and yadiyadiya... I check in wadauthor and ... SCRIPT 3 WORKS. Then I say a big WTF.In conclusion, script 1 and 3 works, but it don't take script 2! and script 3 is the same as script 2 ! What gives!

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