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Waterfall texture glitch

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My DM levels used to look good like yours, then I took a waterfall texture in every line. The story is I added a waterfall texture to my WAD for a water temple level, and here's how one of the other levels looks in ZDaemon.

Skulltag screen:


Anybody know how to fix this? The WAD is for vanilla Doom and is intended to be playable on every source port with networking capabilities.

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It's for Doom II? Rename your TEXTURE1 lump into TEXTURE2. Then delete the PNAMES from your wad, copy instead the one from the Doom2 IWAD into your wad, and add the waterfall patches to it. Edit the TEXTURE2 lump to adjust the waterfall textures to the new PNAMES index of their constituent patches.

The reason why it works in Skulltag and not ZDaemon is because ZDoom supports cumulative TEXTUREx lumps.

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