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psp doom

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psp doom. it's a good idea but when you get down to playing it, the final product just plain stinks.take for example the control scheme. it has a similar control scheme as the ps1 version of doom and theres a reason why i dont play doom on ps1. another thing is the music.it's horrible. it's like an 8-bit remdition of the music in doom. i'd give it a second chance if someone could make it better. like a gzdoom or doomsday for the psp. or at least a mod where you could easily change the control scheme

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thx134 said:

8-bit remdition of the music in doom.

Well in the past people didn't have the best soundcard which DooM was capable of and instead had lower quality soundcards capable of opl synth/whatever else, chances are either the creator of the PSP DooM source port wanted to be nostalgic and added opl synth/whatever else or it was the only sound output he found the PSP capable of working with. This is just a guess though.

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