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after wads like this

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Notice how green and bright everything is. I'm after some maps that look nothing like the typical doom environment. I've seen a few town/school recreations, but a lot of them use dreary textures. The above one reminds me of a brighter version of plutonia.

EDIT: alright, how do I embed youtube videos around here?

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For that video it would be: [yt]0TUw-0Uy9Sc[/yt]

Not sure what to recommend for maps aside from those found in SRB2. Most of the maps in there are bright and colourful and it does use the Doom engine (albeit a highly modified one).

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Or instead of a colormap replacement, you can create a new little wad in SLADE 3.

Then: Archive->New->PLAYPAL. Choose the Doom palette.

Select the new PLAYPAL lump that appeared. Palette->Tweak.

Select the entire color range and increase saturation. You might also increase luminosity a bit. Click OK.

Click on the save "Save changes" button, then save the wad.

Using an OpenGL renderer will also help by allowing colors to lose their luminosity as they darken without being forced back into the palette.

In the "bright and colorful" domain, you can try these wads:
Mandrill Ass Project
Hell Ground
Temple of the Lizardmen 2

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