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My map for speed demos

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Here is my map. This is the first one i have ever released, i took a few days doing it though. Try to do UV-MAX and NM-MAX. My fastest time on UV-MAX was 3:20 I'm sure there are better ways to do it. Ammo and health are scarce, so take care.


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For some reason when i play my demo in prboom the caco's at the start don't move. I'm assuming it has something to do with the things hanging from the roof. But it works in zdoom if you can walk on enemies.

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casual speedrun, 1:59
prboom+, haven't gotten around to installing yet (yes I am that lazy).

Constructive criticism follows:
Since it's your first map, I'm not going to pick apart every little thing that is wrong, but the biggest issue I think you currently have is texture use. A lot of the textures you use, do not pattern well, like the tortured faces, animated fires, and so on - you can see harsh lines where the texture ends. These textures are more intended for special effects in small areas, not plastered on a wall thousands of units tall/long.

In the second room you have a very deep pit with enemies in it. This is very frustrating from a demo recording standpoint, since the enemies in Doom are infinitely tall, they block the player from jumping. If it was possible to see (and thus shoot) the demons in the pit, by making the pit much more shallow, it'd be better (but still annoying).

I couldn't figure out any of the secrets, so I was limited to shotgun the whole time.

Currently, enemies are mostly all confined to the one little area they're placed in, either because of the width of the door/hallway prevents them from leaving, or a large height difference blocks them. Gameplay would be more interesting if the enemies were able to travel between rooms better.

The gameplay in the final room was good, I thought. I liked how you sortof have to make a choice between which weapon you want, and you have limited time to do so because of all the nasty crossfire. If you try to get all 4 platforms during the fight, you will be punished :-D

So yeah, the main suggestions I have going in to your next map is: try to use textures that have seamless patterns, make it easier for enemies to move around and into other rooms, and be aware of Doom's infinitely-tall-enemies especially when designing pits/puzzles involving jumping. There are other problems but it's easier to tackle things in smaller chunks ;-)

edit: the "bs" in the filename refers to my initials, not an abbreviation of a certain phrase heh.


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I totally agree with Vorpal. In fact, you should feel honoured, considering this is Brad Spencer, one of the few mappers for Alien Vendetta (map12,13,14,16,22 if I recall correctly); just to confirm it does not equate to 'B...S..' well you know :P.

Basically, Vorpal's written the same reply I would have written. You should work on texture usage, and also try to consider how monsters can affect the player at different heights, and also try to explore architecture and also, most importantly, layout, if you are just a beginner mapper. For instance, have a quick look at Scythe (the first one in particular), Plutonia, or Alien Vendetta. Personally, I had started off with these three i/pwads to help with my mapping. The most important elements you must remember is texturing, architectures, layouts and thoughtful gameplay.

I look forward to your next map. Keep up the good work, fellow Aussie Doomer, :-).

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here's my FDA for the map

i must confess I was very... surprised by the start which really bugged me. no armour? easy to die before u understand whats going on, no way to avoid jump blocking etc. aside that, the 2 cacos dont move, why that? :o

nice final fight.
edit: ups i played with the first version.


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When i played the game back in DB2 i could walk on enemies, i totally didn't think of the height problem. It was really stupid of me. In the first room with the demons and sargeants. You can walk through the wall where the lava is in the top-right part of that area. After you get the red key, go back to where you had to drop down to fight the spectres and there will be an open wall with a megasphere and you can open up the wall behind that for a rocket launcher, and another wall behind that to get teleported to a room with another hard fight. Play it again, then tell me what you think of the secrets. =]

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For these secret rooms, I'd recommend adding in sector effect number 9 for each secret room, so finding these secret rooms becomes a necessity for completing UV Max, i.e. getting 100% secrets.

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AnAussieGamer said:

Oh. I put the linedefs as secret and i thought that was how it worked.

Not quite, when the linedef is tagged secret, it appears as a normal wall and not a door in automap. You can distinguish the difference between doors and walls in auto-map, thus you can tell a secret door easily. By making linedef secret, it's indistinguishable and poses as a solid wall. This is also handy for traps, making it more difficult for a player to speculate if there is an upcoming trap.

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