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dobu gabu maru

Your favorite/least favorite maps in the Community Chests?

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I've been trying to get through each of the community chests, and I recently beat map 12 "No Tomorrow" in CC1...

And wow did I not enjoy that level. It wasn't the sheer length of it that wore me down, but it was the extremely low ammo & health that led me to abuse saves to get through it. Seriously, when you give ~1 medikit per 40 enemies, the game becomes less fun (in my opinion) and more a test of trial and error. This was especially jarring since the other levels have been fine on UV (although map 06 "Goin' Down" was also another one I severely disliked). I do like the design of map 12, it just rubbed me the wrong way in the end.

On the positive side, both map 03 "Ground Floor" and 09 "Flow" have been a joy to play. The rest... not as much.

So what maps do you like and dislike in the series?

EDIT: I actually meant map 12! (Sorry Processingcontrol!)

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I wasn't really impressed by anything in CC1, although I wouldn't say everything in it is bad. I hardly remember any of the maps anymore.

CC2 still has most of my favorite maps of the series (especially 24 by BPRD), but was very uneven overall. CC3 was solid all the way through, and I tended to like the big ones best (like 12 and 20). Basically, 2 had a lot of maps that are like nothing else I've ever played, while 3 is more conventional.

Also, CC4 looks like it's about to become the best thing ever.

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Yeah I remember Map13. I was stuck on it for months...
I don't really think its all that bad though. Actually I enjoyed some parts of it, and the theme is very unique. But yeah, I thought there was too much trial and error, but I might have just thought that because I was pissed off that it was taking so long to beat it. :P

I've played all of CC1 and half of CC2. CC2 was actually the first megawad I ever played (2 years ago). I really enjoyed it, but I stopped after Map31 for some reason. Last year I played CC1. I didn't think it was good as CC2, but It's definitely worth playing trough.

Anyways my favorites were:


Map01: Interesting creative gameplay

Map02: Good use of "realism" while still remaining very Doomish. Lots of cool little details.

Map07: Fun big fights

Map12: My second favorite map in the wad. Creative architecture, fun & interesting gameplay, perfect balance, and a good challenge on UV.

Map21: This one was my favorite. The hellish city theme is great, the music is awesome, the health/ammo balance is perfect, etc... ...but what really makes this level a classic is the the layout. I don't think I've ever seen a better use non-linearity. There are countless ways to go through the map, but each one seems properly balanced. It's very maze-like, but in a fun way, and I don't remember being frustrated about not knowing what to do.

Map22: I remember really enjoying this one, but I'm not sure why. Just really solid design I guess...

Map23: Same as Map21, except that I didn't like the gameplay as much

Map26: Great atmosphere

Map29: Honestly I think it's too hard compared to the rest of the wad, but it's still a great map. Words cannot describe how awesome looking that huge building in the center is...

Honorable mentions to Map20, which would be in this list if it weren't for all the fucking voodoo dolls

(Keep in mind that I played this 2 years ago, so I might have completely different opinions if I play it again)

Map01: The perfect start map IMO. It's short and simple, but also very captivating

Map02: Fun simple gameplay, nice use of Boom effects

Map05: Interesting design; all those fake machines are done really well.

Map06: Cool architecture

Map07: Really good example of how it's possible to have insane amounts of detail and good gameplay at the same time. The fight at the end is really intense...

Map08: Just really fun

Map15: Cool nonlinear layout and some big epic fights. The way to reach the secret exit is done really well.

...and my least favorites were:


Map05: Just really bland and forgettable

Map06: Simply terrible. Bad in pretty much every way imaginable. After Map23 of The Twilight Zone it's the second worst map I've ever played in an otherwise decent project.

Map31: Just E3M6 but almost completely orthogonal and with horribly unfitting music.

Map24: When you take away all the detail really its just a bunch of big, flat, rectangular, Wofenstien 3D style rooms.

Map25: It looks really cool, but the gameplay is annoying and there's way too much trial & error. Bonus points for having a completely unnecessary Cyberdemon that anyone with half a brain could ignore.


Map09: Not really that bad, but it's very noobish.

Map12: Long, bland, and boring

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Some good, some average and some simply brilliant. I must say that MAP12 of the first Community Chest was a great level. An excellent Doom 2 feel but completely original.

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Processingcontrol said:


Map06: Simply terrible. Bad in pretty much every way imaginable. After Map23 of The Twilight Zone it's the second worst map I've ever played in an otherwise decent project.

I agree with you on this one, that map was the reason I never finished CC1.

As for good, from the top of my head I remember CC1's MAP02 and CC3's MAP01 which combine realistic looks with good gameplay, something I am trying to do with my maps.

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Nice to see that map is still punching people through the screen after all these years. ^__^;

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