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JDoom latest build and music

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I've downloaded JDoom Latest build, but when I play the music has problems, for example when I start from the first map the menu music still plays, and when I complete the level the victory music still plays in next level. What's happening? :(

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Most likely you are attempting to use an old incompatible add-on which doesn't define the music tracks in it's custom MapInfo definitions.

Typically when this issue is reported it turns out to be due to loading an old copy of the "jDEP" add-on (its replacement, the "Slide's skybox" add-ons can be downloaded here: http://dengine.net/addons).

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The fog was removed from the updated version, due to the preferences of those involved in updating the add-on for modern Dday.

They believed Dday's fog simply didn't look very good; personally I agree.

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