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el zee

Rain aka. Rainy Base

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5hfifty and I have decided to release a WAD that we've been working on for a long time, which probably would have been our magnum opus - "RAIN".

This is an unfinished wad that has been developed over many years. Conceptualized by 5hfifty in mid 2004. He was working on it by himself for a few years, and I did a few tidbits, but then started working on it for a great deal after the ROTT TC was released. I also got back into my Amulets and Armor TC, as well, but I won't release that as it's just a massive bugfest. Unless some of you really really want to see it.

We are unfortunately unable to continue with this project, as we have moved on to proper game dev (!!). My hope is eventually to make it into a full game, using a modern engine. You can use resources out of this, just don't try adding on/continuing this mod. Please.

The main focus of this mod was atmosphere - and it has it in spades and shovels. and rakes. and other various gardening equipment. Please note the AWESOME features that we added:

AWESOME Lightning!!!!
AWESOME Lighting, flickers on and off dynamically.
AWESOME Doors, 3d poly "glass" doors.
AWESOME 3d train bridge.
AWESOME various neat little things.

Download here

This is for Zdoom specifically, some things won't look right with Gzdoom.

You'll need to warp/cheat to maps 2 & 3. All the maps are unfinished.

Map 01 is TOWER 15, you are some sort of repair guy and head back inside, storms' a brewin.

Map 02 was going to be a hydro dam.

Map 03 is the research/office/labs set on the top of the mountain, you can see TOWER 15 from the windows.

Lots more screenies here

I hope you enjoy playing this, although brief it always feels great to be in the 'rain world'.

Try and find all the tributes / easter eggs :)

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What a shame that you are unable to finish this. I certainly understand, but still...damn. For some reason some areas remind me of certain places in the first F.E.A.R. game. Great work!

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