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The Ultimate DooMer

Serpent: Resurrection [New player class 07/2012]

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As the 2012 Olympic Games are officially opened in this country, a new version of the Hexen marathon known as Serpent: Resurrection is released...featuring (among other things) a new player class - Qinefer is an assassin who favours speed and dirty tricks, as her starting weapon suggests (a poisoned dagger). Like the Hexen 2 assassin, her other weapons (except the big ones) are more conventional but still contain some magical properties.

Serpent: Resurrection download link (DRD) (idgames)
Standalone RPG mod download link (DRD) (idgames)
Weapons mod download link (DRD) (idgames)

Requires GZDoom 1.6.00 (r1418) or higher. (tested with 1.6.00)

The RPG mod is a standalone version of the RPG system (works with the original Hexen, Deathkings and any custom hub without new weapons/monsters/items) and the weapons mod is just the weapons (likewise).

The rest of the info (including the changelog) can be found here:


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Hey man,

Does this update address the issues some people (including me) have been having in the dothi volcano? It seems to be crashing for me.

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I can't really do much about crashes, since I don't get them myself and I'm not a programmer (so I can't read the logs). Best thing to do is submit a crash report on ZDoom/GZDoom forums, then people who can read the logs might be able to help.

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