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Egregor1 - WIP screenshots

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These are screenshots from what will hopefully be my *fingers crossed* first official Doom WAD release! This single level is called simply 'Egregor1'. Its a temple/mid-evil themed level with a (as far as I am aware) unique 2048 theme, similar to 1024, but 4 times larger. The main reason I chose to do the 2048 theme was because all the levels I have built thus far have ended up becoming extra large, and because of their size, I never end up finishing them. This is a deliberate way to keep me from creating an unmanageably sized map. I estimate I will be releasing a beta version to the Doom community some time in August.
Until then:







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I don't like that rock texture on the first pic, makes me think of caramel lol. The rest looks nice. And yeah, change the sky man. Something blue or maybe red should work great.

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The build, texture, and shading are all done (subject to change). For the next week or so I will work on item and monster placement. Swapped that sky for this one:

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I am about 80% with item placement on all difficulties. Finding a balance in a non-linear level can be a time eating bitch. I will start a new thread with a beta version asking for play-testers sometime this week. Until then:

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