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How to do the Light ray effect in zdoom on Doom Builder 2?

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Hello, I know i am a new member here and I have been making maps since april since i discovered Doom Builder to create doom maps. I have been looking around throughout internet to learn how to do it. Which I already did. Last 2 weeks, I finally moved on to advanced building in doom maps on zdoom. Which I am getting there to finish my first true successful map. My previous maps didn't really get enough details. I was learning at that time.

But anyways, I can't seem to find a tutorial for creating Light Ray effect from any light sources. For example, Like Gradient light rays shine from the sky through hole on the ceiling. That you can see the rays shining towards to the ground but it is transparent. I would be glad if you can help me how to do this.

I am quite close to finishing the map. My first detailed map. It is based on map that is so far out into space. I used three WAD texture files. When i am done, I will release the map on this site.

EDIT 1: For anyone who don't know what i am trying make.

Here is the Link to the picture. That Light effect I tried to figure how to do it. http://www.wadsinprogress.info/?a=showshot&wad=403&shot=1

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If I'm thinking of what you are thinking, you use a base texture such as this:

Put it around the light sector as a mid-texture and upper-unpeg it. Then give the lines the transparent action and set it to your liking. Remember to set the mid-texture on both sides of the lines.

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Do you know or have WAD file of it? Or i have to use editing texture programs like Slade or XWE? I am not quite sure...

EDIT 1: The problem is that those texture editing programs doesn't work for me. I have downloaded them few times to try to get to work.

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Thank you, That's what I needed!

EDIT 1: My mistake for just not one direction gradient. Can you actually make a Gradient texture pack by any direction like sideways or upside down.

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