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Sigh.. JDoom, need help

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Okay, need help.. so please help this newbie (Me) cause i signed up on this board.. JDoom, got it mostly cause of MD2 support, but i cant seem to get it working.. I downloaded Jdoom (jdoom112b3.exe), got abbspack.exe and got jdoom_mpack2_1.exe, jdoom_mpack2_2.exe, jdoom_mpack2_3.exe, jdoom_mpack2_4.exe, jdoom_mpack2_5.exe, jdoom_mpack2_6.exe and jdoom_mpack2_patch2.exe. Then i put em all together in C:\Doomsday\

okay now i told you all this stuff and it should work.. rite ?
nope.. wrong man

here's what it says in doomsday.out
CheckFile: User.ded not found.
CheckFile: HUDWeapons.ded not found.
CheckFile: Weapons.ded not found.
CheckFile: Items.ded not found.
ReadProcessDED: Reading of C:\Doomsday\Defs\jDoom\Monsters.ded failed.
Line 242: Unknown label.

I have checked it.. User.ded has never been there.. never, found out.. it has nothing to do with this error...
HudWeapons.ded is nowhere to be found in abbspack
Weapons.ded dunno where that should have come from
and Items.ded the same as above..
Monsters.ded is the most important..

Please help a newbie in his spare time..

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The newest jdoom needs the models to be done in the new format, so they won't work until a new pack is released, it still has md2 support but the new format makes the older odel packs not work.

Don't wory though, sooner or later a new model pack will be released with all of the models updated to the new format, so just sit tight and have patience(SP?).

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commiserations, like I've said before it won't work for me or a number of others I know.

Stick to ZDoom.

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