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Rediscovering the D!Zone and Maximum Doom WADs

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I've been playing through these.. it's easier than downloading several from idgames...

Does anyone remember during Doom's height when several wads were made a day? I was too young to remember

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I remember buying D!Zone & D!Zone 2 in the mid-90s at CompUSA (probably for $10 apiece). I also bought Aliens DooM & Star Wars DooM (each spanning 3 floppy disks) at computer shows.

Back then, internet connectivity was quite slow, and it seemed a whole lot easier to buy these pre-packaged levels. I quickly found, however, that most of the levels in the D!Zone series are junk, and the CDs have languished in my closet for years.

Maximum DooM came with my Trilogy of DooM box, on the Master Levels CD. I found most of the Max DooM levels to be crappy.

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I have played through the Doom 2 Maximum Doom '0-9' and 'A' levels... virtually all are garbage.

I'm trying to find some good space-themed levels. Ones that are based on planets and ones that are based inside bases. So far, I haven't seen any fan-made ones.

Thanks to gameception and dropbox, I have thousands of wads a finger tip away.

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The big problem with DOOM2 WADs in Maximum DOOM is that most of them are automated conversions of DOOM1 WADs and as such are terrible. I find the D!Zone series offers a much better selection.
As for the ease of downloading from /idgames, it's simple enough. You can download the whole archive or select directories with an FTP client and mass-unZIP with WinZIP or WinRAR. Admittedly, that's about two notches above being spoon-fed, but a few hours set aside on a Sunday afternoon should set you up with enough WADs to last you a lifetime.

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