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What is the best way to build flat faced glides in xdre?

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Check the correct coordinate, which you need for x or y to be. For example, y-coordinate is 128.000000 when the doomguy is gliding, so try to run to the wall so that you have something like 128.010000 when you hit the wall, and the next tick try to get it something like 128.001000 using MF1-50 (or MB1-50) adding little SR1-50 or trying little different angles. When you are close to the 128.000000, brute force one tic. That's the way I do them, but sometimes the bruteforce just doesn't find anything because there is no such tic that allows you to glide with MF50-1 SR50-1. So, luck is needed if you want to do them (really) fast.

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You need y-coordinate because you can only get certain values for y-coordinate, when the glide is successful.

Edit: Removed word "too" because you don't need x-coordinate for the bruteforce.

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Yeah... im just not getting this (im really not a very smart person) Whatever, still thanks for the help!

below ive attached a zip file with 2 demos of glides i tried unsuccesfully to do. if anybody wants to do them for me to complete my runs, that would be appreciated :P

sc18 is scythe map18 and s224 is scythe2 map24


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