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Obscure electronica bands?

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DoomUK said:

Didn't you make the same thread a few weeks ago?

No, that wasn't about obscure bands.

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provided they are obscure bands.

You wouldn't want to damage your street cred.

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dopplereffekt actually is not obscure at all.

gerald donald has been a HUGE figure in detroit techno and electro for years. it is just because the Underground Resistance mentality is to remain anonymous (for the most part) that his enormous output is "obscure." meaning, he (and others) have been releasing most of their work under a variety of different names with little to no clues as to who the actual people behind the music are.

gerald donald (dopplereffekt) is also responsible for:

1/2 of drexciya
japanese telecom
der zyklus

check out other Underground Resistance and Detroit artists like jeff mills.
also check out The Hague's electro scene.

luke eargoggle
unit moebius

unit moebius
unit moebius

i feel like i'm repeating myself


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Straight up <3 Dopplereffekt.
The Lag's right. You're gonna enjoy those acts. In that style I'd recommend Model 500 (Juan Atkins) as well.

Also some more obscure (either sound-wise or fame-wise) electronic stuff I recommend:

- Alex Cortex
- CiM
- Spacetime Continuum
- Cristian Vogel
- Actress
- Skam Mask series (Canadian Boards, Autechre, Hakan Lidbo, Anodyne, etc)
- Digital Mystikz
- Oneohtrix Point Never
- Sand Circles
- Huerco S.
- Infiniti
- Andy Stott
- Om Unit
- Photonz (Lisbon represent)
- Geiom
- Objekt
- Peverelist
- Burial
- Shed/EQD/Wax/Head High
- Frozen Border/Horizontal Ground
- 2562/A Made Up Sound
- Blawan

Subscribe these podcasts:

- XLR8R Magazine
- Electronic Explorations
- Bleep
- FACT Magazine

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Oh yeah, THIS is the shit! Thanks both you guys, I especially liked Model 500. Suits me best.

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