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PSXdoom remake map45 bug, what goes?

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I just bumped into it again for a second time. Maybe it also existed in the original version of doom for PSX and since the remake wants to simulate it as closely, it wasn't corrected.

When I approach that marble column with the heart, ceiling starts going down like a crusher (but does not crush me).

Inside that place there are various secrets and a key to get in different directions.

Now after I get a secret or the key or whatever I can't go again inside that place without noclip. Also, texture bug.

I was curious enough and I could have just opened Doombuilder and investigate. But after I extract MAP45.WAD from the PK3 and try to load it I get these garbage of lines :(

Also why? How can I load those maps properly on doombuilder? Just curiosity..

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OMG, you are right.
I didn't thought about this because I always work with original Doom1/2 WADs.

Ok, now I see those linedefs around the marble table lower ceiling to highest floor. But tag is 0. And sector tag of the sector affected is 0. I am wondering how that doesn't affect all other 0 sectors of this level. Anyway,. did that bug exist in original PSX too?

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I've never seen this happen while playing Doom on an actual Playstation, so I'm guessing that the linedef must have gotten mis-tagged during conversion.

If memory serves me correctly, I thought the linedef's around the marble pillar blocked you from walking through it. I could be wrong though.

EDIT: Ok, so I was wrong. I just checked my PSX Doom disc, and it seems like those linedefs make the textures above the pillar scroll from right to left. Can you confirm if it does the same thing on the TC?

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