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Sea of Blood- Saturday Night Speedmap

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Not too bad, although 10 more minutes could have really made a difference in lighting would have improved the flow of the layout which is by far the best feature. I would also suggest working on doing the upper/lower unpegged more often where you know it should be used to get good alignment which again would take minimal time because you can incorporate doing that while texturing. Those are just my suggestions, it's the small things that add up to bigger things :P

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Also akin to doom2 map14, plutonia map18, alien vendetta map05. A classic texture combo!

As for the map, not too shabby for a speedmap. Simple design and architecture, but I still found it fun and pretty balanced. The yellow key trap seemed kind of pointless however, the revenants weren't really threatening and there is little incentive (other than maxing the map) to stay out there and kill them after grabbing the key.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

@Memfis: I watched your demo. I guess I expected the player to atleast grab the key when there on the island. That switch by the yellow key raises the sort of bridge to the island, I guess I forgot to add a switch to the main area. Sorry about that :( I'll fix that pronto.

Heres a link to the map with the fix:


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