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What the Limit?

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I just ran into this gem while testing a map with chocorenderlimits:

What limitation is this? I've never once heard of this before, and I can't find anything of the sort on the Doom wiki. For the record, it happens when trying to trigger a floor-raise special, so it's probably somewhere in the vein of "no more plats" or somesuch.

Dunno whether it's Chocolate Doom proper throwing the error or if it's a chocorenderlimits thing, but it bombs out and is seriously monkey wrenching something I've spent hours working on. Knowing exactly what's going on might help in trying to figure out a workaround of some sort.

Anyone know anything about this?

[EDIT] Okay, found it on the wiki:


This is seriously the first time I've heard of this one, and now it's got me trying to figure out how to cut down on the number of dummy sectors I'm using for a particular effect, which is going to be an epic megabitch considering that I still need to add more to finish it off.


What exactly is the definition of "adjoining sectors" here? I just reduced the sector count by merging a bunch of stuff and it made the problem worse. What the hell is going on here?

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An adjoining sector is a sector that shares at least one linedef. If you merge the moving sector with another, you can indeed make the problem worse.

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