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Heretic texture wad for Hexen?

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Hello there. I am making a cool Hexen map for Zdoom and I need a texture wad that has all of the Heretic textures for Hexen. I prefer a wad over a pk3 file. I want to make a wad using some of both texture sets combined, this means that one half of the map will use Hexen textures and the other half will be textured with Heretic textures. Is there a wad on Realm666 that can fulfill this need or can I use Slade3 to make one?

Thanks. And I need the textures in the wad to have the same names exactly as the original Heretic textures.

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It's quite easy to do this with SLADE 3 yourself.

Here's what you can do:
1. Open your wad in a tab, and open heretic.wad in another.
2. Copy all the patches from Heretic (everything between P_START/P_END) into your wad. Convert them to PNG using the Heretic palette as the source palette.
3. Copy the PNAMES, TEXTURE1, and TEXTURE2 lumps from Heretic.wad into your wad.

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