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[On Hold] Any interest in a *small scope*, standard-res, Doom community texture pack?

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I feel as though Doom has some holes in its texture library. I can't be the only one who wishes there was a basic, auxiliary texturepack. If such a thing existed, surely it would be standard by now?

I'm looking for people interested in filling in some of the blanks. To be clear, this would be a very basic texturepack; done in standard, vanilla resolution. No gussying up - just fixing what's missing. The goal would mostly be to alter the present textures, then pack them for Doom Builder use.

Here's a simple example:
BIGBRIK1 is alright.

But with a simple change...

It can be used more seamlessly on edges! (Please forgive my hack job, it is just an example.)

And here's an in-game shot.

Finally, I'm new to the Doom mapping scene, and heading to college again soon, so I wouldn't be able to complete this to satisfaction on my own, which is why I'm looking for help.

So, any interest?

P.S. Google didn't spit up anything that wasn't hi-res, so please forgive me if this has already been attempted.

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I would be interested in some more variants. There's a lot of texture packs out there with some awesome variants on the stock textures, but there can never be enough I say. I've actually just started playing around with paint.net after reading one of the threads here and started modifying textures, and I can see myself being able to do some of this. If you've got some idea of where to start, let me know.

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Thats pretty cool. You'd probably convince more people do download it if you've got more ideas than that though. I'm sure you do, right?

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Some ideas for this pack:

NO multi-patch textures (suck it, medusa effect!)
Make all textures 128 units tall where possible (can't do this with 72 units tall textures I guess) to avoid tutti-frutti.
Fix that switch that changes background (something brown, don't remember the name).
Make DOORSTOP and SUPPORT2 tile properly (actually, already done by Espi in "Back to Basics" I think).
Make a version of white SHAWN flat without circle in the middle.
Fix transparent pixels in RSKY2.
Make brown version of CRATINY (tiny crates 16x16).
Make 32-wide version of blue lamps (LITEsomething).
Move the corpses on SP_DUDE textures to the center.
More STAR* variations (might as well just take them for cc4-tex and other packs).
STONE2 and STONE3 should look nice without changing Y alignment by 16.
^Same deal with MIDSPACE.

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glenzinho: Good stuff. I'm using Paint.net as well.
Alright, I hate to sound like a one-trick pony, but for right now, I'd just like to get all the brick-y textures out of the way. Really, anything that would benefit from a uniform edge. If you don't mind the tedium, I can PM you some preliminary PNGs to work on.

40oz: Sure do, but as I've said, I'm pretty new to this scene. And I've got a bit of a vendetta against bricks.
So while I've noticed some areas for improvement, I'm sure more veteran mappers than myself would have an even better idea (see Memfis' post) of what would be useful.

Memfis: These are excellent ideas. Your enhanced familiarity with the subject is exactly what I'm looking for. Even if you just want to poke your head in now and again for some suggestions, that would be helpful.

I'd say we've got enough interest to get started. I'll handle all the BIGBRIK*/BRICK* textures for now.

Finally, some of the things we're discussing have already been done (see "Back to Basics," cc4 (thanks, Memfis), etc.). A secondary goal of this small project might be to acquire -- with permission, and proper credits, of course! -- already completed work, to compile into our pack.

Actually finally, once we get some tex under our belt, I'll update the first post with a list of textures to be completed/completed textures/textures being considered for fixing, etc. If someone with a good working knowledge of textures could drum up this list, that would be appreciated, too.

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