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Rifts of Marduk (Pre-Alpha Testing)

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Hello all,

I'm working on a hopefully continuing project(ROM). I need some people to test these two maps. One complete and the other about 80% complete. Mainly need to test the co-op aspect to see how capable the maps are for it, but playing single player works just as good. I'm also happy to see the original Doom community still alive and kicking, that's awesome.

The main reason for testing is also to see if it's worth to continue the project if you think they are heading in the right direction.

Download Gamefront: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22100642/Rifts+of+Marduk.zip

Source Port: ZDoom and/or GZDoom
IWAD: Doom 2
Gameplay: Added some non vanilla weapons, monsters, props, and some textures provided by the community into the WAD. (Also wondering if the new monsters and weapons should stay or go. So please give input on that for balancing purposes.) Used a 3-D skybox for the sense of story, it does kinda look weird on map01 but on map02 i think it looks in place, but I could be wrong. I'll move 02's skybox to 01.

Misc: Map02 is not all the way complete. When you enter the lava cave that is the end for now. Feel free to kill the monsters and tinker around a bit.


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First off: post the link already, no need for anyone to say they`ll test it in advance.

And what port is it for? Vanilla? ZDoom? Some more information needed. (ps: I cant see the pictures ATM, it might be obvious what port its for when looking at them, but anyway...)

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I look cool from what I have seen. The first level could use a little bit more ammo since I barely had any when beating the level. There also a script error from the first executed script. Is this wad supposed to be like ZBloodpack? It sure seems like to me with some of the weapons and enemies I have seen before.

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Never played or heard of Zbloodpack until now lol. I grabbed the monsters from the Monster Resource WAD and added the ones I thought were cool. I was expecting a post stating that because I'm sure the monsters were used in a lot of WADS.

Script Error? hmm. I ran the compiler over Map01 with no errors. If your talking about the errors in the console its probably from some conflicting entity's in the WAD itself I suppose but they are not used in my maps.

Thanks for the feedback.

Update: Found the scripting error you were talking about. Argument on a linedef action was 8 instead of 0.

Can you also tell me what difficulty you were playing it on?

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