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Monsters dont attack player in only one map?

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Hi Guys (and Ladies, if available),

i want draw a map level and the topic is "Monster Zoo". My idea is, I take all implemented monsters in particular cages & cells.
But the problem is, the monsters should not attack the visitor (=player).

Of course, I'd think to change some flags for every monster (harmless clones), but in my case, there're very much monsters - and they should be harmless only in one map, not in another levels.

Ah, and yes, I don't want dumb monsters which move not a bean. They should target and chase player, but not attacking.

I'm using GZDoom, DB2 and allmighty SLumpEd. And Doom in Doom format.

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I haven't played around with the setting much, but have you tried simply flagging the 'enemies' as "friendly" in their edit Thing properties menu?

I tested it out a bit, and they seem to follow the player around. Not sure if the fact that they attack enemies is a problem, but at least they don't attack each other.

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Well, I'm not really familiar with much that isn't UDMF. If your map doesn't ride on being Doom-in-Doom format there are some conversion utilities available. I think DB2 may even have one built in... Just make sure to back-up up your map if you do decide to switch formats!

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