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Caution when Uninstalling Doom Builders

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So I just uninstalled some of my older versions Doom Builder, and it only occurred to me after, how, if they share the same .cfg file (in C:users\username\AppData\Local\Doom Builder (as either "Builder.cfg" or "GZBuilding.cfg)), well, what happens to that? Turns out it does get trashed.

...Along with any BAK files you may have manually created in the same folder, like God damned noob. >_<;;

Wouldn't be so bad, resetting all your preferences and keyboard shortcuts, but it also seems to dump all your texture alignments? Anyway, that's a pain.

It's convenient that the .cfg file can be shared between certain versions of Doom Builder, but it can be dangerous when you're unistalling the older ones. Just thought some of the other newer mappers might benefit from this information.

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Oh, wow, I'm even noobier than I could've imagined.

It turns out that my texture alignments weren't forgotten (it did seem a little strange that they'd be stored in a .cfg...); it's that my keyboard bindings for "Visual Mode" and "GZ Visual Mode" got reset, so when I hit "W" I was seeing my map without all the texture alignments (even sidedef ones).

So there's another lesson for you, young mappers. Don't be like me.

Don't be like schwerpunk.

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How do I remove an unwanted "Add/remove programs" list entry? I already have some baits that, if clicked, would cause the deletion of entire directories, not just of the key files.

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I'm proud of you guys. You're already being so unlike schwerpunk that it's staggering.

Also, noted. CCleaner is just a great programme; not sure how I lived without it.

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