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Problem with custom Patches

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It's been a while since my last post here but recently, I fell in love with good old Heretic again. I remembered doing a graphical total conversion some years ago, that gave Heretic a darker look, replacing some original graphics with both Hexen stuff and stuff I found in the internet or made myself. I was quite happy that I still had some WAD files of this project. Yet, I was shocked when I noticed that the patches in the Wad file did not replace the original patches... I found this quite strange because I remember it worked that way: Load an image file namend "WALL00" in your custom WAD file and when you load this together with the IWAD, it should replace the original WALL00. The strange thing is, that it still works for everything else, for example all the Music, sound Sprite conversions are still there when I run this WAD, while the Patches are ignored no matter what I do.
What might be wrong?
Thanks a lot!

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Not knowing what and how you did this, makes it difficult to help diagnose the trouble.

What port and what map format do you use ?

Best would be if you could make your PWAD available for perusal.

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