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Skulltag announcer problems

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Earlier today I completed making my announcer for Skulltag (the voice was the announcer from Duke Nukem Forever in case you were curious, one of my all-time favorite announcers). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJkNu847tLo

Anyways I put all the sound effects it had in, renamed things the way the guide I used told me, and tried to use it in Skulltag to no avail. I tried several methods but none of them worked, and eventually after trying to start Skulltag it gave me this error message:

Execution could not continue.

ANNOUNCER_ParseAnnouncerInfo: Missing "=" in ANCRINFO lump for field "a4youfai".

From what I can tell there's something wrong with the "you fail it" sound effect, but I've tried removing my file from the "announcer" folder and it still showed the message, I even tried removing all the announcer files to the same result. I'm fairly new to this so I'm sure I probably messed up somewhere, but I'm also thinking that either the files were too big (I 've modded other games in the past and that can be an issue for some of them), or I need to put sound effects over every file, which seems a little unlikely to me.

If you want to see the file send me a PM with your email and I'll send it to you.

Thanks in advance. :D

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