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R_InstallSprite: Sprite ____ frame A is missing rotations

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Hello Everyone, I was creating an assault rifle type weapon, i drew some sprites in paint.net (they are sh!t) I converted the .PNG sprites to .DOOM sprites. Then when I ran the .WAD with GZdoom I got this: R_InstallSprite: Sprite ASRF frame A is missing rotations.

The Decorate Was Based off of the chaingun.

Why Do I get this error and how do i fix it?

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This error most likely means that you have not used the correct name for your sprite. It's a weapon so it won't have different view angles (like a monster for example) so its last character should be 0 (zero) indicating that it has only one view angle. Using the information in your post, I reckon that your sprite should probably be called:


(the last character is a zero, not an "oh")

If your sprite is not called that (the actual name of the sprite in your WAD), change its name to that and see if it works.

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Sounds like your HUD weapon sprite is named ASRFA1 or something like that, instead of 0. Therefore, the sprite name validator expects to also find ASRFA2, ASRFA3, etc. up to ASRFA8.

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