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ooh, facescan to get a deal

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"You know why they're going after amish and lemonade stands and backyard gardens? Because when they get this in place, folks, its going to be illegal. They're going to shut everybody off with automated systems, they're not going to let private websites operate in the future. You're going to have a handful of big megasites that can shut you off whenever they want. And you won't be able to engage in commerce without them."

Illegal to use cash in louisiana:

Eby limits specific items and dollars per month you can sell and has a strong bias against used items. I highly suspect they artificially manipulate things such as whether your listings are visible to anyone, allowing you to sell items only if they feel like it and probably have paid insiders pretending to be buyers.

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After years of mocking these people, it's scary that their over the top shenanigans are coming true or, at the very least, seem likely.

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eBy (spelling wrong intentionally because its an unmentionable name like voldemort, and I don't want their likely armies of PR trolls focusing the eye of sauron on me... they probably have a rootkit on my computer and would make any listings I might have invisible (secret ban) if I type anything that indicates they need to increase my flouride levels, not to mention hidden microphones in my printer etc to hear whatever I say aloud.. that's why they jokingly call the printer company "brother" as in "big brother") used to be an international power house and online community. It is now DEAD. I understand that the economy plays a big factor... but it's almost like the world is CLOSING SHOP, so to speak. I could rant for pages on this subject, connecting many dots... but I just wanted to chime in.

The fact that the US postal service is pretty much shuting down and going out of business is very strange too.

It is like the world has become a ghost town.

I'll touch on the matrix aspects for a second...

If there are still relatively the same amount of people, if not more in the world, with alot of material goods... eBy should actually be doing better, in theory. Something doesn't add up. It's weird.

The US post office and eBy connection is obvious... so the question remains... what happened to all these people and all the items they had in the past few years. Why are eBy and the US post office cutting back and becoming ghost towns?

Either the economy is ALOT worse than the MSM is REVEALING... or... people are being... DELETED.

(above from: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1810306/pg12#31310925 )

People are being fucking deleted indeed. On eby at least its so obvious that its intentional rot from the head down, its like economy 2.0 where the people at the top get paid more for destroying stuff. The 99.99% have too much freedom/ability/usability in this and this area, make them worse! This is the new economy; you're not allowed to sell, or make money in any other way except for participating in the NWO, like being a child warden (teacher) or cop. If you manage to find any desperate loophole to obtain the fiat paper required to live, it will be closed immediately. I saw a guy painting red on a bunch of curbs, ha ha ha, there are jobs! Paint curbs red to give people tickets for unjustified revenue generation. You probably have to have a license and a masters degree and 500,000 of debt and a relative in government to get that job. They purposely don't cut trees that block signs warning not to park TWICE a week "for" street sweeping, to maximize their hidden tax of 45$ tickets. The street is sparkling clean before each sweep.

These fuckers are predicting a collapse much worse than 2008 and/or civil war in like 7 months, and I'm taking this prediction serious, not that there's anything I can do about it:
skip to 1:02:50:
This is the new spoken word gangster rap. AJ is Dr. Dre and Max Keiser is Snoop Dogg. *TROLL SYSTEM TROLL SYSTEM TROLL SYSTEM* (futile, they troll us).

There is this idea I have called "user herding", eby does it all the time. Its a manipulation tactic. Its like they want all the users to behave in a certain way that is good for them but bad for the users, so they "offer" a user-preferred choice and the tyranical choice. But they make the tyrannical one default, hard to opt out, and make the user-preferred choice very hidden and incomprehendable, tricking them to think they are doing the opposite of what they think they're doing with a maze of legalese lawyer speak, etc. Its like, now you HAVE to choose the tyrannical behavior because in reality the preferred behavior has been made impossible. Its just left there for legal reasons to say they offered it I guess.. if this makes any sense.

I don't think there will be a recovery. Corporations are the new predator and are taking vicious bites out of everything until exhaustion or collapse. Humans are commodities; souls use to be but they have all been spent. I think we're about to see the classical population crash that comes after exponential growth.

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