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Odamex and Steam Group Idea

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A few questions for anyone who likes to play Doom with others

I recently just got back into Doom and its multiplayer ports and for the most part it's pretty damn awesome. After playing for an hour or so I got this idea of a Steam group for Multiplayer doom, aimed at the Source Port Odamex.

Does anyone use this port that often?

I wanted to have a Steam Group specifically for this port for events, organizing dates to play, and communication. Do you think it's a good idea? I've wanted to play through some classic wads and iwads with this port with a few people, but the servers tend to be empty and I really think this multiplayer port has potential.

The main thing I really like about this port is the Compatibility. Zdoom, Skulltag, etc don't fully feel like doom at all...The movement of the character is kind of off and even when you choose strict compatibility it's easy to notice the difference in gameplay. If anyone likes this idea or wants to make a comment feel free because I'm looking for other peoples opinion on this.

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