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zdaemon or skulltag on mac?

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Odamex was primarily developed on a mac for many years. Although its daily player count is below the other two engines as of now, it still receives regular play throughout the day at this point. Visiting #odamex on irc.quakenet.org is also almost a sure way to get a game going.

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I have a Mac and have played both Zandronum/Skulltag and Odamex on it. Both work, but Odamex is definitely the less buggy of the two on the Mac, as I've encountered some wicked renderer errors on the mac version of Skulltag 98d that make some maps unplayable.

I know that there is an old Mac build of ZDaemon 1.08 floating around, but as far as I know it's just a beta release and not compatible with 1.09 (which is what most people play these days).

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The latest ZDaemon build for the Mac was apparently 1.09 b26. We're currently up to b28, but that version isn't missing much, and it shouldn't be long before the port leaves beta which would be an opportune time for another Mac release.

I use Windows, so I can't vouch for how well it works though.

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