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Is anyone still using WinDEU?

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Is anyone still using WinDEU, out of nostalgia or wanting to make Doom 1 v1.2 or Doom 2 maps with as little detail as possible, that should still play good? I'm considering continuing using it to finish some of my levels halted in 2004. I've always liked that tool, it was free, for Windows and stable unless I tried to make some unorthodox linedef overlapping. Its built-in nodebuilder also had the ability to limit my editing in such a manner to prevent superfluous detail.

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I think one of the Classic Episode authors mentioned still using DEU, out of habit. Might not be the Windows version though. Heck, he might even have been talking about Yadex for that matter...

Last year someone actually released a "new" map (not old shovelware upload) made entirely with plain old DEU 5.21. I can't remember the name, but it was a nukage/refinery themed techbase. Pretty good map too! I'm sure it got mentioned in one of the /newstuff chronicles...

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Unfortunately, after all these attempts, I managed to get WinDEU to crash badly (by leaking memory in loop), so I kinda lost trust in it :(

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