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Citybase Tribute (unfinished relase)

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With this Vanilla-compatible Doom 2 map, I'd like to make a tribute to all the mappers who have ever inspired me, using a bit of their style - even if I'm not quite sure that this goal will be successfull. I didn't want to relase the unfinished stuff, but I wanted to create a speedmap and then, it became a longer project. I'm going to leave until Friday, for this short period, I relase the unfinished map for you to take a look around and tell me your opinion, help, etc.

Have fun!


- use "nomonster" flag (or whatever) when you start the WAD, because I already placed some monsters, but almost nothing else! (including weapons)
- you may find bugs and glitches as far it's way unfinished yet
- new sky texture, new music and maybe a custom titlescreen will be added later

PS.: this map is dedicated to Mechadon, Jimmy, Skillsaw, Esselfortium, Valkiriforce, Lainos, Tormentor667 and dutch devil.

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