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Old level by me: Mega 11

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Hello, I've started this level a long time ago, halted it in 2006 and resumed it now. It was done for the most part using WinDEU 5.24, then I switched to Doom Builder (just now) when WinDEU kept crashing badly. Thus, it looks a lot like a WinDEU level in many places.

It is for vanilla Doom 1. I'm posting it so you can playtest it :) Please tell me if there are bad places in this map, or places that need improvement.


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By the way, you stumble upon an X on the ground. That is the point from where I started working again today, after six years.

EDIT: the door where the baron took you out should be openable! Maybe you missed it.

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I like it. I died twice and kept playing because I like it enough to try agains. I will post some videos of it tomorrow; currently uploading a vid that is way too big.

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printz said:

It was done for the most part using WinDEU 5.24

THOSE (not so) GOOD OL' DAYS MAN...I've also started to learn Doom mapping via WinDEU. When I was 12, I had several WAD ideas but I couldn't do them because of the lack of any editors - on those times I didn't have Internet connection sadly. :c

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