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Journey to Hell (1st release) demos

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This hole took me two weeks to fill: Journey to Hell MAP23 UV-Max in 35:57. Prboom+

Anyone (j4rio, SAV88, etc.) willing to help with the remaining gaps yet to be filled with even one run. MAP08 is impossible due to a missing key. That leaves 17, 18, 20, 27 and 29. 27 is definitely possible out of these. I can make it to the blue key in 20 by playing very carefully. The start for 29 is the part that causes way too many problems as there's no BFG. I can't make it past the start of 17. For 18, I haven't tried because the last room is too difficult.


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Journey to Hell MAP27 UV-Max in 21:52. The start is really the only difficult part. Woohoo! 100th demo at the DSDA for me. I think MAP29 is actually quite possible if you play sensibly. The main issue is exiting the map without killing all the monsters cause the exit is really annoyingly large.


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MAP20 UV-Max in 56:01. Only two maps left 08 and 18. 08 cannot be completed due to a missing key and 18 is GZDoom only due to a switch not working in prboom+.


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