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Can't get pwads into my zdoom

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Hey, I'm having trouble getting pwads into zdoom. Right now the wads have the zdoom logo on them, but they aren't appearing in the wad menu. Why is that?

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To run PWADs in ZDoom, either make the WAD open with ZDoom by default, or click and drag the file over the ZDoom.exe

For the IWAD, just select Doom 2 for most PWADs.

EDIT: Sorry, badly worded.

Just about all PWADS are designed to run under Doom 2, so use that in the IWAD Selection. In the case of Plutonia 2, use Plutonia as the IWAD.

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vgmaster9 said:

Is there at least a video tutorial for doing that?

Don't know of any video tutorials, I usually find few lines of text suffice. Have you read this page on the wiki? It describes several methods to run pwads, with my personal preference being the Frontend.

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