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Harry Potter and the Cyberdemon

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Author's note: For some reason, in the middle of rereading the books, I've been having an urge to write a story connecting Harry Potter into the Doom universe. Knowing as the two universes couldn't be any more different, I pondered how amusing it would be to harbor an attempt at fusing the two worlds together. This is the only chapter I've written, mainly, as an experiment to see if it could possibly work. In the end, I had fun, taking it only half-seriously.

Been trying to create a somewhat solid premise, all I can think of so far is the demon's invade Earth in the past, in the 1990's where the technology was less developed, and less capable of protecting humanity. Since mankind is unable to leave Earth, hellspawns now have a large range of gourmet human to choose from. The first portal unfortunately opened up near Hogwarts, as snarling imps leave the forests, Harry Potter and co., in their fifth year end up going into the portal and are teleported to Phobos, three hundred years in the future. The demons are mostly impervious to magic, so Harry must devise other ways to use advanced 'Muggle' weaponry to slaughter everything in sight, often incorporating magic to augment the power of their weapons.

Harry Potter and the Cyberdemon

Harry, Ron, and Hermione leaped onto the teleporter in unison. A teleporter that finally led out of the pestering demon factory. They still couldn't help but be impressed by the highly advanced Muggle technology at hand. It was an experience much too familiar. It was as if they were Apparating, the darkness, the suffocating pressure..all of it, but without the magic. A loud crack announced their arrival, dropping them onto the floor..in an entirely different place, of course.

Examining the area, Harry discovered they were in a small antechamber built out of green marble with obviously questionable aesthetics. Hermione, in awe of what she saw before her, gasped. "Wow... who could've done such a thing!" Both Ron and Harry turned around to look. A red goat-demon was nailed to the wall, swaying in a sad fashion. Sprouting from deep tears across its leathery stomach were a tangled heap of black, rotting intestines.

The vision chilled Harry to the core. He was rather... impressed, at the display, no doubt, though the implications were most concerning. When encountered, the infernal beasts towered above them. Sturdy as a bulldozer, they were without question, the proudest, and most formidable demons the three had met. It shocked him to see it as nothing.. nothing but a pathetic decoration. Humbled to a state deserving not even pity.

Ron gaped at the mangled corpse, "D'you think a bunch of lesser demons teamed up against him?" he spoke with a voice of incredulity. Hermione gawked in his direction with disbelief, "All the demons we encountered so far, haven't proven themselves to be very bright, but I really doubt they would feel an impulse to start a suicidal blunder. Look at those claw marks, nothing we've fought so far has that much strength." she deducted in a tone of dread.

As the two bickered like they were back at Hogwarts, Harry was already inspecting the conspicuous switch that stood as the only landmark in the room. Without a second thought, he kicked the button. A grinding noise sounded out as a staircase ascended from the floor, leading to the horrific display. The wall behind the demon rose, showing way to yet another area.

Attached to the door, the corpse was helpless as it was yanked against the ceiling, eventually ripping apart and falling back to the floor with a slopping noise. Hermione gagged audibly at the sound, as Ron walked past her and crept over the rotting carcass. Harry put a consoling hand on her shoulder, soon hearing Ron's excited shouts from the next room. "Guys you won't believe this! They're everywhere!"

Their wands out, Harry and Hermione ran up to Ron with haste. Surrounded by boxes, Ron stared at them with glee. "Missiles! Boxes and boxes of missiles!" he exclaimed as he crouched onto the ground and started dumping boxes of rockets into his backpack, which had been set with a charm, imbuing upon it, the capacity to contain more than a household's worth of various objects.

Exiting the building, they found themselves to be in a large, empty courtyard that circled the tower, surrounded by a gigantic wall a hundred feet away. It was populated with nothing but only a suspicious silence. The sweltering heat combined with the scent of sulfur and decay lingering through the air, making the environment seem even less friendly. Several marbles towers with various faces upon them had been constructed. They were the only thing to break the monotonous emptiness around them. An eternal night was interrupted only by a red glow far in the horizon.

"Wonder why this place was even built if no one bothers to use it anymore? Frankly, I'm starting to become disappointed." said Ron, pulling his bewitched missile launcher out of his backpack. Hermione gave him a steely glance, curtly muttering "Don't get your hopes down, they still know how to ambush." As Harry looked around the area, he looked at the two, "I don't feel too optimistic about this place.. something must be.. waiting for us."

Ron aimed his launcher towards the infinitely black sky and loudly loaded it with a missile, much to Hermione's dismay. "What are you doing!" she said waspishly, struggling to keep her voice silent. Ron met her worried face with a grin of defiance. "What's the deal? If the ruddy demons are hiding from us, then its best to let them know we're here."

Harry couldn't help but agree, they could afford the element of surprise if it meant that it couldn't be used against them. Before Hermione could voice her disagreement any further, Ron pulled the trigger and a thunderous roar echoed from the tube, as a rocket raced into the twilight.

Before silence found its rightful place, a booming crash sounded out somewhere off in the distance. The clanks began to echo out in stuttering rhythms, each occurring step louder than the last. A feeling of heavy lead settled in Harry's stomach, he sorely wished his hunch hadn't proved right. They had company after all.

"What is that awful noise? I've never heard anything quite like it. It sounds like a giant.. only worse." whispered Hermione, with a hint of fear. Ron looked around, observing the designs of one the marble towers. "Whatever it is, it sounds big and it knows we're here now." he muttered with an air of inevitability, tightening his grip on the rocket launcher. Harry knew something horrible was quickly approaching. "It'd be best if we move away from it, and try to get out of here before it sees us." he said.

As they broke into a jog to inspect the area, it came to dawn on Harry that there was no obvious exit that beckoned towards their safety. No gate leading through the towering walls that surrounded the building that first brought them here. The pillars were no help, the demonic faces did naught but glower, trapped in a perpetual sneer.

"T-there's no way out.." gasped Ron, the distant pounding noises punctuating every other word of his. Harry walked up to the closest wall near him. Crafted from stone of a deepest beige, it stretched far above their heads, reaching at least fifty feet. Harry contemplated any possible exit he could. Climbing was not going to happen; flying, unfortunately was in the same category of un-doable tasks, considering his broomstick existed in another dimension, so even the Summoning Spell was worthless.

The stomps made their way towards the trio without pause, as it closed in. Hermione pointed her wand at the wall, "Let's see if their architecture can stand up to magic," she mentioned. Ron's face was ashen, as he looked over his shoulders. "W-we better do it fast, that m-monster must be right around the corner," he said. Kneeling down, Ron shouldered his launcher and aimed, a trembling finger finding its way to the trigger. Harry ran back to Hermione's side, and posed as if he were to duel. "Three..two..one..Expulso!"

The incantation was unheard due to the deafening departure of Ron's angry rocket as it hurtled towards the wall. Once the resulting fireball from the explosion faded away, the barrier proved itself to be unharmed, leaving nothing but a searing, sooty mark. "Now what?!" yelled a panicking Ron, slamming down the smoking cylindrical tube, this was the first time it had ever let him down.

Harry was less concerned by their failure to breach the wall. The metallic footsteps had ceased, the sound of rushing air became audible. Looking over his shoulder, he saw it coming, a second almost too late, in fact. Leaping around, he shouted. "IMPEDIMENTA!"

Hermione shook at the loudly bellowed incantation. Glancing around, she screamed. Drifting only a few feet in front of them, was a missile, frozen in mid-air. As Ron discovered what caused all the commotion, he stumbled backwards in total surprise, his face glowing with fright.

"Protego Totalum!" screamed Hermione, without hesitation. Her eyes glanced upon a hulking skyscraper of a demon in the distance, as a transparent bubble manifested itself around them. The beast was obscured from their vision as the missile suddenly erupted into a cataclysm of fire that swept around them.

The group broke into a sprint. The fiery haze cleared away only briefly, as another missile came hurtling into their shield. The heat became more pronounced as the force field suddenly dissipated. Being able to see the courtyard again, Harry gestured towards the nearest tower. "Behind here!" He, Ron and Hermione paused momentarily under cover of the obstacle, gasping frantically for breath, noticing all too well that metallic crashes had begun to sound out once more.

"You two stay here, I'll distract him and see what we're up against." said Harry, trying to shun all panic from his mind. Before the others could catch enough breath to speak up, Harry darted out into the open.

It now stood only a dozen yards away, Harry had never been met with such a horrible vision. Roughly twenty feet high, it had a goat's face of a most skeletal look, flaunted by two razor sharp horns curving inward. Hairless, it was, with a rippling torso that led to an exposed stomach showing a jungle of coils and muscles. The legs were goatlike as well, except for the right leg, which was intricately constructed from pure metal. The right arm ended in a claw which could rend the very earth with the least of effort, various iron apparatuses protruded from its bicep, connected to wires leading to, and attaching to the neck. A sleek, glistening cannon was surgically attached to its left.

Harry Potter found himself to be paralyzed at the sight, the behemoth appeared to be scrutinizing him. Suddenly.. their glints collided. At once the demon let out an otherworldly roar. Raising its cannon, it sneered while aiming towards Harry. A missile appeared in the barrel. A flash of light bedazzled him, as a volley of several resounding blasts echoed out. Harry's legs were suddenly made of concrete. Hermione ran into his side, hastily tackling him onto the ground. A mere second later, three missiles tore over them at blistering speeds.

He bounced backed to his feet. Quickly pulling Hermione up, he barked. "We need to surround him, he can only target one of us at once!" "Harry, that's the idea I had all along, just don't get blown up like you almost did though." she replied with concern, dusting herself off.

They sprinted back towards the column, behind which sat Ron, as more rockets screamed through the air. Fumbling to load another rocket into his weapon, he looked up towards them. "I can't believe we'd meet a monster who throws missiles around as if they were Whiz-Bangs! What are we supposed to do now?" he declared, trying to gain composure. Harry's face was daunt, as he spoke, "Me and Hermione will do our best to keep him in one spot. You should be safe here. Start firing all those rockets you gathered up, and don't stop." Hermione looked at Harry with a grimace, "We should lure the demon as close to the wall as we can, maybe it can help us... in its own way. Ready?" Harry nodded. They ran out from the shadow of the tower.

The cyberdemon greeted Harry faster than he expected, a welcoming salvo dashed towards him. Collapsing to the ground, he grabbed his wand and pointed it, "Conjuctiva!" he bellowed. The curse momentarily blinded the beast. Snarling, it wove its barrel arm through the air recklessly, slamming it into the ground, causing a sudden quake, almost tripping Hermione. She was now at his back, several dozen yards away. Tossing her backpack on the ground, she dragged out a full-length chainsaw, and revved it up. Setting it on the ground, she directed her wand at it and shouted "Locomotor CHAINSAW!!"

The chainsaw, blades now moving on full throttle, levitated from the ground and eagerly shot off towards the behemoth, burying itself into his back. A fountain of blood and sparks gushed forth. The cyberdemon roared as it attempted to scratch the spurting wound where the blade was digging into, as if it were only an irritating insect. Suddenly it burst through the front of his stomach and before Hermione could bring it back to finish the job, the beast shrugged off Harry's jinx, and snatched it out of the air.

Staring over its shoulder at Hermione, the demon's face screwed up in anger, and did an abrupt about-face, punting the chainsaw right towards her. She barely managed to dodge the flying chainsaw, as it embedded itself into the wall behind her. Tripping onto the ground, Hermione cursed as twisted her ankle. The cyberdemon took advantage of this and launched yet another trio of missiles in her direction. Harry recognized this and followed the only action he could think of. "Locomotor MISSILE!" he shouted as his hand swished the wand upwards, and the missiles curved away from her, soaring into the sky.

A projectile launched from Ron's location, tearing out in a straight line. Unexpectedly, it adjusted its course in a sharp curve.. right towards the cyberdemon. Colliding with its feet, the demon stumbled and did another about-face towards Harry. As the shining silver cannon aimed at him and fired its first missile, Harry had directed the charmed salvo straight onto the spot where the cyberdemon stood. As the beast was engulfed in a colossal fireball, another of Ron's rockets had been fired and arced towards the demon, almost hitting Harry's left leg. Seconds later, Ron joined Harry's side, pulling out his wand. "You think we beat him?!" he yelled with a tinge of excitement in his voice.

His eyes on the fireball, Harry didn't respond once he saw yet another volley of missiles puncture the veil of fire, hurtling towards them. "Locomotor Missile!" shouted Harry, once again guiding the missiles up into the sky. "Stupefy!" yelled Ron, attempting to injure the demon with magic. The beast, now visible, swallowed the spell in an all-too enthusiastic manner, and glowered as it launched another salvo. Ron saw Harry's face screwed up in concentration to keep control of the missiles, while noticing the others quickly approaching, "Er- erm..Locomotor Missile!" he bellowed.

Having mended her ankle, Hermione wielded her plasma rifle from within her backpack. Installing a fully charged energy cell, she yanked the trigger and never let go. The rifle howled as it discharged a radiating surge of volatile energy into the demon's back. As the mechanical beast readied itself for another salvo, Harry's missiles impacted upon the cyberdemon, swallowing it in yet another magnificent explosion. Soon after, Ron directed his vigilante salvo into the flames, their ears almost rupturing in the cacophonous racket.

Hermione, making sure the river of energy never left the beast, slowly began moving right, her back to the wall. The demon, was now severely pissed off, most understandably. As it emerged from the cloud of fire, its skin now burnt to a crisp, began stomping towards Hermione. While raising its cannon-arm, the half-demon, half-unfeeling-machine desperately hoped it would get itself a successful impact sometime. Without delay, another barrage was to be released.

Firing away, her back just feet away from the barricade, Hermione could hardly see past the blinding torrential energy issuing forth from her plasma rifle. She spotted the missiles, though ducking would no good, with the barrier right behind her. Harry's magic reached them in time, causing the rockets to scramble in an upwards arc into the air once again.

"Hermione, move!" shouted Harry as loud as he could. Hermione heard the message, barely audible over the raging fury of plasma. Taking her finger off the trigger of the overheated weapon, Hermione sprinted underneath the legs of the cyberdemon as it swiftly attempted to reach for her.

As the behemoth faced her way, it readied its ever-so-faithful weapon once again and aimed. Before it took the opportunity to fire, several missiles heavily impacted upon its stomach, causing it to stumble backwards, and smash against the wall. Cracks appeared instantaneously, in a web-like fashion. Hermione dropped her rifle and stepped up to the monster, wielding her wand. Five yards away, the demon stirred no more. Motionless, it had become, slumped against the barricade.

Harry and Ron ran up to her side. "Never knew he would be so persistent. Has he finally joined the rest of his friends?" exclaimed Ron, with a look of triumph on his face. Hermione still held her wand out, ready for anything the demon had up its missile-laced sleeves. Harry gazed at the seemingly defeated monster and slowly pulled out his own wand, Ron glanced at the motion. "What are you guys doing, I don't think he wants to bother us now, now that he's had a major overdose of his own medicine." he uttered in confusion.

Hermione glinted towards him. "Ron, think of all the demons we slaughtered so far. They all fall apart once we introduce ourselves." she said curtly. Hermione gestured towards the beast in front of them, "This one is playing us for a bunch of fools! He looks pretty tidy to me, and still in one piece. A disappointingly undramatic way to die, wouldn't you think?" she spoke in a convincing tone. Ron stared at her for a few seconds. "Well if he's going to fuss up soon, then can I ask why are we still standing here?" Harry hadn't taken his sight off the demon. "Wait for it..wait for it.."

With astounding speed, the demon swung its arm towards their direction, a missile clinked into place within the barrel. "Expulso!" yelled Harry and Hermione in unison. The cannon erupted in an cataclysmic blast, ejecting shrapnel in every direction. The behemoth's death cry was rudely interrupted by the explosion of its own body.

As the cloud of smoke and blood dissipated, the portion of wall behind it had finally collapsed. The cyberdemon had vaporized almost entirely, leaving only a pair of bloodied, smoking hooves on the ground. "Now do you understand?" mentioned Hermione with defiance, pointing towards the sizzling remains. Ron had an impressed look on his face, "Of course. What was I thinking to have ever doubted you." he said sardonically, while he packed his missile launcher into his endless backpack.

Feeling quite triumphant himself, Harry stepped over the mess and walked out past the breached barricade. The ground ended in open air just yards past the wall. His feeling of pride were instantly overwhelemed by what he knew was the worst stench conceivable. Unable to breathe, he collapsed onto the ground. He retched up everything his stomach could possibly offer. Hands gripped his shoulders and dragged him back into the courtyard where the air was much less... hostile.

Hermione cast a Bubble-Head charm on Harry. "If we're going.. where I think we are, we're all going to need this charm." she said concernedly. Ron walked out towards the edge. "Blimey... what a stench. If it wasn't for this charm, I'd turn right back." murmured Ron. Harry walked to Ron's side as Hermione finished packing her cooling rifle. Once he met the sight of what was below, he could hardly speak, for irrational fear had begun to chill his guts.

Miles below was a horrific landscape, dozens of furious volcanoes gushed forth blazing lava. Rivers of boiling blood sprawled out into the horizon, its banks populated with thousands of twitching, impaled bodies, while screams of torment sounded out from thin air.

Ron glanced at him, his face white. "So this is the place all those Muggles are afraid of? What do they..er call it, wasn't it something like Hal?" he asked. Harry flashed his eyes at Ron, as he responded thickly, "Hell.. many Muggles doubt the existence of this place just as they would magic."

Harry could say no more, for they had begun to speak. "H-help us..sssave us.." screamed a choir of demented beings, in such a volume that would have otherwise burst his eardrums. "Who are you!" shouted Harry in confusion, the voices responded with a startling mixture of mindless screeching, maniacal laughter and pitiful weeping. "Answer me!" barked Harry, palms covering his ears. The chattering became blisteringly painful, decaying furthermore into a chaotic rambling mass of noise. Suddenly, all the voices unified as they inquired, "Doess it.. f-feel gggoood?, before they collapsed into cacophony once again.

"Argh! Shut up! Shut up!" he bellowed, helpless to the magnitude of horror filling every last ounce of his being. He noticed Ron was in no better condition, as he was slamming his head against the ground, shouting incomprehensibly, falling prey to whatever spirits had come upon him.

Harry's vision turned black, hearing nothing but the pathetic, tortured souls "J-join..join us..now... f-forever!!" cried the choir of the damned, as more infernal entities began to occupy his mind. The voices struck a dissonant chord within Harry. He began to hear what sounded like babies.. helplessly wailing.. millions of them. Never before had he heard a sound so that terrified him so deeply. He felt an overwhelming urge to jump off the edge. More babbling voices became audible, overlapping each other with haste inside his mind, forming a hellish pandemonium from which he could conceive no rational notion. He could no longer distinguish his own thoughts, nor could he control himself any more. Without knowing it, Harry Potter had thrown himself off the cliff.

"Harry..Harry! Wake up!" cried Hermione, crouching over him. Harry bolted up right, hoping for an instant the whole ordeal was just a nightmare. "Did you hear them..the voices?" said Harry, with a worry that his sanity had shattered. She looked frightened at the mention. "Yes I heard them. I haven't heard any more since I woke up, neither has Ron. I figure we're still alive somehow." she said, glancing momentarily at Ron, his wand pointed at an eyeball set inside a wall made out of something that looked like raw intestines. "Alohamora!" he cried. "Alohamora!" Hermione regarded him. "Give it a break Ron, you're going to have to try something else for once!" she said airily.

Harry motioned to get on his feet, pumping his aching arms into the floor, realizing they consisted from a mass made out of pulsing intestines, veins, and muscles. The room turned out to be very cramped, just like Ron, he wouldn't like to be here for much longer.

His stomach rumbling, Harry couldn't help but ask, "How long have I slept?" She met his eyes, responding, "About a day I must say, I only woke up six hours ago, and woke up him, who quickly found that he wants to get out of here. Not that I couldn't agree though."

Ron looked in their direction, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving. I swear, the next demon we kill, will have its carcass transfigured into fried chicken!" he conjectured, his eyes gleaming with enthusiasm.

Striding towards Ron and the eye, Harry inspected it. Without a thought, he threw his fist into the eye, rupturing it. As he reached into the bloodied socket, his fingers found a cord, an optical cord. Yanking on it, the floor rumbled, and slowly began to ascend in a dramatic fashion. The ceiling vanished, flaunting a sky glowing a hue of crimson.

Knowing most of the demons around the area were impervious to most harmful curses, Harry pocketed his wand and plunged his arm into his backpack instead, extracting a twelve-gauge shotgun. Beside him, Hermione had already installed a brand new battery cell into her plasma rifle. The weapon hummed excitedly with idling energy, her finger sitting eagerly just an inch away from the trigger. Meanwhile, Ron smirked as he slipped another missile into his magical RPG, and threw it on his shoulder.

Raving snarls and grunts could be heard from the surface above. Once again, they had lost the element of surprise. Now in the territory of their enemy, more grueling trials lay ahead. Leveling with their opposition, the demons proved to be no challenge as an epic tidal wave of violent death issued forth from the trio.

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Suprisingly well written given the premise, I read it start-to-finish with no pauses.

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You've done really well here, reads a bit like the books themselves.
Is it bad I can't take this idea seriously though?

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Eris Falling said:

Is it bad I can't take this idea seriously though?

I wonder what you'd think about this and this, then ;-)

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Aldaraia said:

Author's note: For some reason, I've been having an urge to write a story connecting Harry Potter into the Doom universe.

Great, you did it. Now never do it again.

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Use3D said:

Great, you did it. Now never do it again.

IIRC, someone has already made a ZDoom mod where you use a magic wand and have to cast various spells like Harry Potter.

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Maes said:

I wonder what you'd think about this and this, then ;-)

I bookmarked those and I will read when there aren't other people next to me. After reading about 20 words I had to stop :S

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It was... different ** Dunno why I can't seem to picture this even though it was nicely written so to speak :3 (Only nag is various characters talking in the same paragraph) Had a bit of a laugh, though with Doom I prefer more serious reading.

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So, if they all jumped into the teleporter in unison, then only one would make it out alive. The other two should be telefragged!

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So, if they all jumped into the teleporter in unison, then only one would make it out alive. The other two should be telefragged!

Good observation, I dunno how I missed that, I'll change it sometime. If I ever end up writing more, I think telefragging would be an excellent way to kill off a lesser character.

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