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Monsters Respawn with Actions

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Hey everyone, I have been trying to get this to work properly for a few days now and I have researched the issue using the ACS wiki for long hours. I cant seem to figure this one out, but it seems like a simple problem. I have the enemies actions set to activate a certain script. The script gives the player +2 xp when you kill the monster. However, I am using the skulltag engine and I have the flags set to respawn monsters. When they respawn, they no longer have the action set to activate the script. Is there any way around this, im trying to make it where the monsters will infinite respawn and still have the actions set to activate the script that will give the player +2 xp.

Another method I was trying was to use DECORATE to edit the enemies and sutomatically activate the script upon killing the enemy, so that you would not have to use the actions flags on the monster properties. I could not get that to work either. What I tried:
--------- zombieman decorate death sequence ------
POSS M 5 ACS_Execute(201, 0, 0, 0, 0)
POSS N 5 A_XScream
POSS O 5 A_NoBlocking

I was trying something along these lines to activate script 201. So that I could simply place the zombieman on the maps and upon killing any zombieman the player would gain +2 xp.

I really dont care what method works as long as it does work. Does anyone have any ideas? I really appreciate the help from anyone.

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A monster's special is cleared when it dies. Imagine, say, a "boss" monster whose special is to raise a floor by 128 units so that once you kill it, you make a bridge appear and you can cross it to the rest of the level. Now suppose it respawns, you kill it again, and the special executes again... Yeah, the bridge will start to climb up in the sky and you won't be able to cross it anymore.

If you want the monster to execute something every times it dies, it has to be part of the monster's core logic, instead of being part of a simple level scripting system.

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