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How to add hq textures?

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good evening everyone;
I recently downloaded high quality texture pack for doom, so that I can use it for a new project, I used XWE to include it into my map, but the thing is nothing happened. The textures are high resolution of original doom textures, and I have been using XWE for ages, what went wrong? Is there a certain marker to identify HQ images in any wad?

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ok, I tried to, but the textures still are in grey:


did I miss something?

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Well, the way I know of is to make a PK3 file. Then add folders like /PATCHES, /FLATS, /GRAPHICS and insert your high quality texture there. Make sure you include your high quality texture in the file (if your using GZDoom).

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MasterofJKD said:

What map format are you mapping in? Also don't use XWE its terrible use Slade.

I'm using normal doom not in hexen format and i am using xwe.

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