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Monsters teleporting in (Boom/vanilla)

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Hi everyone, I'm working on a Panophobia map which relies on large numbers of monsters teleporting to surround the player. However when I place monsters in their own rooms adjacent to the map, gunfire does not seem to wake them up, even if I attach the area to the map.

Can anyone advise me where I'm going wrong?

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Make sure the areas are attached to the map, that connecting two-sided linedefs aren't flagged as 'block sound' and the monsters aren't flagged 'deaf'.

Or, if not connecting the sectors in the void to the map, make sure linedefs reference the sector the gunfire will be 'heard' in.

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Thanks, I'll experiment with those tricks and see if it works!

EDIT: Er, how do I make linedefs reference a sector?

EDIT 2: Figured it out, it's in the sector properties. Thanks mate, you just turned my map into a total bloodbath!

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