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Lost in Tellerstein's Planet

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I'm here again and this time I've made just one map, with a lot more attention than before. I've made no changes in textures nor sprites nor graphics nor anything; but, I've composed a little soundtrack just for this map.

I've sent to /idgames and I'm posting the link here, so that you can play it. I'm very grateful for any comment! I hope I'll be accepted in /idgames this time.

Thank you!



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Did you submit it to the archive as a Zip file? Other archive formats tend to be rejected.

Nice tune though a bit short, some might say it's more Heretic than Doom but I like it. Will try the map later.

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Bloody hell! I've sent in a .rar file. Well, I hope there's no problem in that. If the necessity arises, I'll send another one in .zip file.

The track has just 44 seg, it's indeed very short. But I think that for a Map less than 1:10, 1:20, is more than adequate, because it repeats and it helps with the atmosphere.

Thank you very much for the comment, I hope you enjoy this map.

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